​Are you using digital to succeed?

Like it or not, we live in a digital world and the pressure on organisations to adopt a digital strategy can sometimes be overwhelming. What does a digital strategy even mean... is it just about your online offerings and social media master plan or does it also apply to your internal operations and website?

The answer of course, is all of the above – but each are completely different. We’re web developers – we live, breathe, sleep and eat digital every day and yet some of this stuff can still mystify us.

Your digital strategy will play a very influential role within your organisation but it can vary depending on the nature of your operation. At at high level your strategy can be broken down a bit like this:

  • Content: content plan, information architecture
  • Marketing: channels, advertising, social media
  • Technology: the platforms, integrations etc
  • Ecommerce: your online shop

There are specialists in each of these disciplines so if you’re looking for help, its important to take advice from the people in the know. We have many clients come to us who have tried to cover all these aspects with one agency, when the reality is an agency generally only covers 1 or maybe 2 areas of expertise. And all too often the technology side of things is overlooked. Your website or web app looks beautiful and your marketing is on point but.... it doesn't actually work very well. Frequently, off-the-shelf products can be chosen without enough consideration for the functionality. Don't get me wrong for certain situations an off the shelf product can be fantastic, but it's not until you have been using the software for a few months that you start noticing all the issues and have to implement workarounds.

At Custom D technology is our focus. We build web apps – online applications, member and customer portals, productivity tools you name it, if it’s online and it does something, we build it. Our custom developments are tailored to your organisations unique workflows and integrated with your other systems to automate processes.

More so than ever, digital is ingrained in so much of our lives both personally and in our work environment. So ensure you take the time to consider and implement a plan that will ensure you’re not left behind.

If you want some advice on your digital tools and technology give Matthew a call on +61 404 834 555.

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