Custom development for long forms – it’s a no-brainer

Clocking in at tens of thousands of applications each month, there’s no doubt, the Online Tenancy Application system that we’ve developed for TPS is a runaway success! These are outstanding statistics for any web app operating solely in New Zealand.

What used to be a tedious process for both tenants and property managers has been transformed across the entire industry in two short years. The system has been a big investment in both money and time but ultimately it validates the value of custom development.

How it works

In short, property managers include a link on rental listings that prospective tenants complete and submit online. Prospective tenants can use their FaceBook credentials to log in and details can be saved for any subsequent applications. Once applications have been submitted, property managers can view and manage them via a

dedicated portal. Background and credit checks can be run right in the app. But the real gold for property managers is the way that the application data is then used to populate the rental agreement saving hours and hours of tiresome data entry.

Fast and nimble iteration

Whilst the system was a hit right out of the box, as market feedback has been received and digested, TPS have been able to respond quickly. TPS watch their analytics meticulously and are constantly talking to their users on the phone and face-to-face (an often forgotten skill in the tech scene), looking for opportunities to remove obstacles for users and smoothing the process for property managers.

Some quick stats

The flexibility of custom development has meant making changes, improvements and adding features has never been hindered by platform restrictions and they have gone from strength to strength.

"Given the volume of applications that are processed each month, it astounds me that we receive only a small number of user related issues.

Something like the online tenancy application sounds simple and you could easily think it could be built off the back of some sort of off-the-shelf product. But the nuances in user behaviour for the demographic we're targeting have meant many small, and not so small modifications have been needed to get it to where it is now. There's also a number of custom integrations with other systems behind the scenes to make the process work seamlessly.

We've worked closely with the team at Custom D and this collaboration has enabled us to scale our business inline with our aspirations."

- Craeg Williams, Founder

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