Have you got a 2020 Vision?

It’s a new year so a prefect time to check in with your associations strategic plan. With 2020 round the corner (it sounds so futuristic) make this year about focusing on your strategic goals and vision for the future.

A strategic plan is important to set direction for an association and to get everyone on the same page. A clear set of goals, combined with an honest appraisal of your association’s strengths and weaknesses, paints a clear picture of what’s important, what’s relevant and what’s actionable. And it’s not just for the marketing and communications teams, it is also key to driving decisions within your operations and IT teams.

When creating your strategy we think there are three main areas of importance to look at to ensure your association remains relevant;

Is your membership increasing?

Is your website up to date? Does it reflect your associations vision?

What are you doing to attract younger members?

Are your members engaged?

Are you communicating with your members via the right means?

Are your members renewing?

Could your association be more efficient?

Are your wasting valuable resources on manual data input and work arounds?

Could you save time and increase data quality by automating processes?

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