What's your Associations relevance?

Are the needs of our younger generations that different to those that have gone before? Each generation swears they know better than their (all-but obsolete) parents and are intent on putting the world to right, doing things totally (but maybe only slightly) different.

The answer would be probably not, if it weren’t for the completely exponential affect that globalisation and that thing called the internet is having on our ability to access an abundant supply of information on just about any topic. Advancing technology means research that used to be prohibitively labour-intense for most, is now possible with a couple of taps on your smartphone.

So what does this mean for Associations?

Historically the wealth of knowledge and expertise offered by Associations provided significant value and in itself a good reason to join. And socially it’s what people did, what better way to connect with others that were into the same stuff as you? But social media has stepped in and filled that gap to a large extent – connecting with like-minded people is now as easy as breathing, with a vast array of online and mobile based options at your fingertips.

What's your real value proposition?

With access to so much, so easily these days it’s imperative Associations zero in on the things they offer that can not be found elsewhere. Ask yourself, what is your real value proposition? When you know what that is, double-down on it. If you want to maintain or increase your membership, this is what needs absolute laser focus.

And to complicate matters, it’s not just what you offer, it’s also how you offer it.

CPD Points, mentoring programs and events are all great opportunities to deliver excellent and unique value – providing its done well and lots of consideration is given to the interests of those you’re targeting and the channels they’re using!

There’s little to be gained by doing the same old things, the same old way as you always have, clearly not working. Talk to your members or talk to us.

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