Should we concede defeat and let dinosaurs rule...

Traditional organisations are having a hard time understanding how to get onboard with the most recent generations entering the workforce and productive society. Associations are right at the top of the list of those that are completely stumped by this very issue.

It’s not like millennials, gen z and whatever comes after that, are opposed to joining things... Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and all the other social channels prove that they do want to be part of something. But they don’t seem to want to join in the same way that people once used to.

Not so smug now

I recently delivered a talk at the Associations Forum Membership Summit in Melbourne. It was about how to build a strong team, and for us, in our industry we’re mostly talking the junior end of the workforce (but don’t ever make the mistake of calling them juniors). Despite the huge value that all the fossils out there have to offer (me included), new recruits are generally getting younger and younger. Because of this, we’re constantly evaluating how we operate, what we need to change and then facing up to executing!

I smugly wrote my talk, all about how well we’ve been doing, smashing the industry standards in terms of tenure... only to be brought right back down to earth with the resignation of a key member of our team. Good wake up call/kick in the guts/slap in the face/whatever/not sure he was that good anyway/you know who you are (Josh).

How can we attract and retain these youngsters?

So, understanding how Associations can connect, engage, attract and retain these mysteries of the universe is a topic close to my heart.

I’m going to be researching, as well as talking to youngies that belong to associations or don’t, but should do, in an effort to see how we all need to evolve to meet the changing environment to avoid having our associations and companies full of wrinkly faced dinosaurs.

Watch this space...

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