Introducing the Membership Engagement Platform

The more we talk to associations, the more we hear about the inefficiencies and issues that they’re having when it comes to managing their organisation.

Most associations have a member portal, but disappointingly most are not taking advantage of the efficiencies and enormous value it can provide to both the organisation and it’s members.

Common complaints centre around double handling of data and lack of integration between disparate systems – this along with clumsy navigation and poor structure make their member portals a shadow of what they could be.

When associations are looking for every chance to deliver value, in order to remain relevant to an increasingly disengaged audience, this seems like an obvious opportunity gone begging.

At Custom D we’re working on a Membership Engagement Platform that takes advantage of the common aspects amongst associations, whilst still remaining truly custom.

CPD points
Profile management
Member forums
Integrations with other systems

- these are all possible and built with your specific association in mind. Take a closer look using our Interactive Feature Map.

We’re super excited to talk to associations at the upcoming Associations Membership Summit about how our platform can be the springboard to massive improvements within their organisation.

If you’re excited too and can’t wait for the Summit, give us a call, we’d love to chat.

+64 3 928 2567

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