Execute on Teamwork - winning the Xero XDHax competition

Once upon a time in a place far far away that some people call Auckland, Josh — aka 'You don't look old enough.’ — was at some Xero dev day about apps and stuff.

He loved it. He wrote lots of notes and got inspired.

After pondering his inspirational thoughts, he hatched a plan.

'I'm gonna convince the Custom D team to spend the next three months of their spare time working at work, on work stuff, but instead of getting paid you get pizza and beer.’

"Great idea," said everyone at Custom D HQ. Willingly. With a non-forced smile.

The challenge from Xero was to build an awesome new app that would benefit small businesses all around the globe or across the flat earth.

No judgement.

The game-changing idea was the thing you will very very soon all know as Dirty Bach.

Dirty Bach would be an app for cleaners that syncs with Xero.

It would be fast and straightforward.

Cleaners would be able to schedule jobs and send invoices in a snap.

It would be perfect for owner operators.

Invoices could be created right from the app and sent to clients in as little as two taps on your phone.

What do you do with your spare time?

So to cut out all of the tedious detail. Josh and his now merrier (they've had pizza and beer) band of web developers, designers, and whatever it is Julie does, got together every Thursday night (and quite a few nights besides) with the aim of helping cleaners all over the globe get rid of time-consuming admin and do what they love. Clean.

It happened. The end.

Dirty Bach crowned Best New App APAC in XDHax 2018

What did we learn from it?

Developers are great problem solvers and can build cool stuff?

Designers can make things look pretty and put things in places so that we don't need to overstretch our delicate little thumbs?

Nope, we kinda knew all that stuff anyway right!

We learned what real teamwork is.

We learned the importance of hard graft.

We learned that if you want to win you gotta work.

We learned that ideas mean nothing, execution is what counts.

We executed teamwork.

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