​Hacking Like a Hollywood Star

    Kirk Jackson and Andy Prow from RedShield Security gave a compelling talk at the recent Canterbury Tech Summit, on how Hollywood gives us all a false sense of what modern day hacking is. These fast finger scenes include everything from guns, cars, explosions and opening hatches. Similar to this...

    As far fetched as this is, the underlying reality is that some of it is based on fact. You can be infiltrated by doing something as simple as connecting an unknown device to your computer, accessing a public wifi or unknowingly installing questionable software.

    What's even more surprising is that your mobile phone calls and text messages can also be intercepted. The bottom line is, you need to be very careful.

    So what can you do? Here are some simple things to stay protected:

    • Don't install hatches in your floor. They are an obvious target for hackers and become a health and safety risk.

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